Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Find - Smarin Livingstones

Can't decide on new furniture for the den or living room? Tired of the same old sofa and easy chair? Really want your guests to feel like your cave is actually a... well, cave?

It's your lucky day.

Smarin is a French company that has a line called Livingstones that's meant to be used as primary or accessory furniture pieces.

I must say... it's startlingly appealing.

The "stones" are 100% wool(I guess that's why they look like giant other-worldly tennis balls). Don't expect to see them in stores anytime soon. They're available on an 8-week lead time and price and design are available by request from Smarin.

So what do you think?

Pull up a stone and chat a while.


  1. Looks like the new beanie bag :)...only more stylish and more expensive.

    1. Not a bad call, Amy... I hope they're more sturdy than a bean-bag though.

  2. The sofas are made of "bulltex" foam and covered in wool or neoprene (for outdoors). You can see a woman standing on one at the website. The largest sofa at 6.5ft (Gilda) is 4850 euro. Not quite a bean bag... and surprisingly hypoallergenic.


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