Saturday, June 12, 2010

So I ran in to the loo...

On my way home from a counter top install this week, I made a quick pit stop at a newer-looking gas station/restaurant(in the South, we combine these more often than we probably should). When I was on the road quite a bit, I felt like I could perceive what kind of establishments were more tidy than others and this particular spot fit the bill. With an hour left on the road I pulled in and headed in. I turned the corner and was impressed with both cleanliness and availability of potty options. A blue sign caught my eye...

I laughed out loud in the bathroom, even took out my phone and snapped a photo(sadly, didn't turn out). Luckily, you can buy these little gems online here and they had a picture that I felt it would be good and funny for me to share.

The sign reminded me of a couple blog posts from last year on Kitchen and Residential Design, authored by the renowned Paul Anater. I was fortunate enough(and honored) to guest post for him and so I thought I would share again for those who may have missed them.

A urinal! A urinal! My kingdom for a urinal! - by Paul Anater.

Standing Room Only - Running back to the Urinal - by yours truly, as a guest on Paul's Blog.

Residential urinals are out there and available. Ladies, Father's Day is just around the corner!


  1. Give me a urinal or give me death. I just put a black one in a client's master bath. So chic!

  2. Awesome, Paul- I still think it's taking hold and becoming more and more accepted by consumers.

    Got any pictures or a layout of how you used it? Would be awesome to see!


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