Thursday, September 30, 2010

85 Days 'til Christmas!

You read correctly, 85 days until Christmas. Not 25 days, 85 days. Why do retailers already have Christmas trimmings in their stores?

On Tuesday of this week, I put out two pumpkins for Halloween and felt extremely awkward. Why, you ask? It was September 28, not October. What happened to Halloween, and more importantly Thanksgiving? Sure, Thanksgiving is considerably less materialistic and candy-tastic that Halloween and most retailers do offer some spooky treats. It's a no-go on Thanksgiving... Let's go from spooky to Santa overnight before October even gets here. 

How many holidays do you think there are between October 1 and Christmas? You'd be surprised.

October 11 - Columbus Day(also Thanksgiving for our Canadian friends)
October 24 - United Nations Day
October 31 - Halloween
November 2 - Election Day
November 11 - Veteran's Day
November 24 - Tie One On Day(It's not what you think)
November 25 - Thanksgiving
December 2 - Hanukkah
December 15 - Bill of Rights Day

Sorry for my little retail gripe. Let's focus on the holiday at hand people. Christmas will be here soon enough!


  1. I totally agree with you. I guess I"m a Grinch because I refuse to buy stuff early and don't put the tree up until after Thanksgiving. And I see that Tie One On Day falls on my kid's birthday.
    PS For Christmas, I'd really like some homemade Alabama ice cream. Just sayin'

  2. I so agree! We have one more day in our household --Dec. 12 (Mexican holiday - Our Lady of Guadalupe Husband is Mexican and it's just a couple of days after his mom's birthday. Of course --we also get to celebrate El Dia de Los Muertos (same day as Halloween). Axion de Gracias is Mexican Thanksgiving (also on the same day).

    OY-- I'm liking the sound of "Tie One On Day" though because I want it to be what you thought I would be thinking. Please don't burst my bubble!


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