Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Find - Pallet Plate Rack

The slow home movement is really one that I get in to- I love the idea of repurposing and reusing older "high mileage" items in new settings.

This one may push me right over the edge.


I like rustic, and I love cabins and houses in the woods... but please. 

These were in a post from the Remodelista site- a site that I read quite regularly. Thank goodness we are all allowed our own tastes... this one wouldn't make it in my house(even if I have one that isn't hooked up to electricity).

Usually on my Friday Finds I give you a link to where you can buy whatever I've found... No link today, but if you come by our shop and want one I can arrange that for the easy fee of a trip to Blue Bell. Then again, 50 cents may still be a bit expensive.


  1. This kitchen is not for my house in the city, but it is aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos with the repurposed wood, and china.

  2. I LOVE the china- and a repurposed buffet would've made me quite happy. I just can't love that pallet on the wall.

  3. Okay, I don't dislike antiques but attributes like "craftsmanship" are important to me. This is about the most ridiculous thing I've seen. It looks like someone is trying to hard so it comes across pithy to me.

    I have seen some nice work with re-purposed wood from shipping palettes but to simply hang one on the wall? Maybe someone needs to try a little harder.

  4. Agree completely, Bob- nailed it on the head, but without one of those rusty ones hanging out of that pallet.

  5. I would probably break all my plates, trying to take them out from behind those bent, rusty nails. Would I get some sort of food poisoning from the rust? And I love old stuff, especially if it looks like I can do it myself. But how enticing are splinters every time you lean on the table? Practical - NOT!

  6. That is an especially creative use of a pallet. I wouldn't have thought of using them like that.

  7. NOT a fan of the repurposed pallet. But I guess some people like the look? My clients would laugh at the suggestion!

  8. Most pallets (like the one pictured) are crawling with a germs and bacteria.

    They are used to stack and ship raw meat and produce, and from time to time, those shipments go bad in transit, resulting in blood and putrefied drippings permeating the crevasses and woodgrain.

    The surfaces they are placed on during regular use are rarely if ever sanitized. While loaded with goods, they are left to sit in alleys strewn with garbage and fecal matter, sat in trucks and warehouses where pallet-jacks, work boots, and forklifts spread similar contaminants.

    When not in use, they are stacked or placed on end outside on docks and in garbage bays, strewn with filth; and rodents, cats, and dogs spraying them with urine and/or depositing feces on or in them.

    In addition to food and vermin based contaminates, Pallets are also used to transport toxic chemicals that often rupture and spill, soaking into the wood. Pallets are known to burst into flame from chemical reactions taking place over time, and routinely test positive for a variety of carcinogenic substances that will off-gas over time.

    Pallets are not furniture, and should not be used as such, period.


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