Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Industrial Lighting- Trendy or Timeless?

Lighting has taken so many twists and turns over the past couple of years. Perhaps one of the surprises of those shifts has been the wide-ranging use of former commercial and industrial lighting in very lived in areas of homes.

Part of me thinks that we are staring down the barrel of a fleeting trend but something says that since these fixtures have been around for a long time already(some upwards of 100 years) that they have no intention of going anywhere.

Where do you fall in the lighting discussion? Are these types of fixtures trendy or timeless?

A notch goes in to the "pros" column simply because I like re-purposing an item that is safe to do so. It should go without saying that wiring and such should be updated to current regulations and specifications- there are people who build children's beds with shipping pallets so I felt like the safety discussion should be included.

I think they look great in the photographed setting and would certainly be a fantastic conversation piece. While we can't see them "in action", it looks like they'd provide targeted task lighting without interfering with nearby rooms.

So now it's your turn? Would you have them? 

Are they here to stay or already headed out?

Source: Raul Candales for Elle Decor Spain


  1. Dang it, Nick! You've made me think and now I'm confused. I don't like to think too much, you know. It hurts.

    I don't know. I think it will evolve just like any other classic look. (Styles like country, French, English, cottage, mid century modern, etc. Not fads like sunflowers and cutesy country.) It's trendy now, but probably will tone down and blend in with other styles. I'm enjoying mixing industrial with MCM in my new craft room. They make for good companions. I can also see pieces, lighting especially, mixed with primitives.

  2. Wanda- All good points... I tend to agree with you as far as seeing the style evolve.

  3. Well you know me Nick, I'm all about being a devil's advocate. So my thoughts are that it really does depend on the user. Think of it this way - lately we've seen this resurgence of that 1970's boho chic with lots of colors and bubbles and pop and Palm Springs throw up in many many interiors. There are quite a few of us out there that will say "oh, it's a trend, it too will pass". But you know that there is some little old lady in Palm Springs or Palm Desert or Sun City saying "what? I've had that style in my house since 1969 when I bought it all. Fad? Pishah!"

    So in the end it would come down to me loving them and using them and then probably leaving them up in my house because I'm too cheap to replace them.

    And then in 25 years when some antiques dealer discovers another pair and puts them in his shop with a heavily marked up price tag (versus the pennies he paid for them at the Rose Bowl Flea Market or random garage sale) they'll become a trend once again.

    That was such a ramble.... HAHA!

  4. Nick- I'm going with here to stay. Now I'm a bit biased as our son makes and designs a great deal of re-purposed lighting. He's 24 and doing great things and has been selling everything that he makes.

    I do think there will be a market for this as there exists a market for everything. Will it be mainstream? I would doubt that but it is and will remain a viable market. That's my take anyway

  5. Todd- That's awesome that your son is doing that now... Do share his stuff if he has a site or store. I'd be happy to feature some of his work on the blog!

  6. I'm rather fond of the look of industrial lighting but I like lighting that looks "different" anyway. My only concern is that while these lights look nice on the outside often they are not very user friendly and the quality of light that they put out is not great - harsh spotlights on the dinner table, ya know?! Throw some of that light around!

    But that whole space is gorgeous. Lights included. ; )

  7. That really looks great, it emphasizes your kitchen well.


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