Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Inspiration - They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Modern kitchens have always appealed to me(even though it's not my personal style). I really like how the elements can be simple and complicated at the same time with lots of moving parts and hidden storage spaces.

This kitchen is from the Italian design firm Snaidero. Interestingly, the designer who perfected the Venus line(shown) is Paolo Pininfarina. Car nuts may recognize that name... his father, Sergio, is the head of the design firm that is known worldwide for their designs of Maserati and Ferrari automobiles.

Pretty wild, huh? Gotta say, I love the stainless steel!


  1. That is a seriously cool island top! and I'm not a big stainless steel c'top fan!

  2. MEEEE too, Brenda! That was one of my favorite parts about this kitchen.

  3. Right on board with you both. I love the stainless steel the counter top edges create a nice movement to the kitchen. Not to mentions the craftsmanship to make them!

  4. Looks awesome!....thanks for sharing this great article to us! well done!

  5. I like your kitchen design though I may not like the high chairs not very good for not so very tall visitor :). Anyway you have a very nice looking kitchen.

    Patty Avery
    Kitchen Designer


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