Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not-so-Friendly Guest Furniture

I admittedly like furniture that may not be so comfortable... But this?!

*knocks at the door*

"Oh come in! Have a seat..."

"What in the..."

"Oh it's new- I call it my pile of scrap wood chair... You'll love it!"

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  1. Heh - perfect way to help cut down on ones "friends" coming over the game

    Personally the statue creeps me out more

  2. I like the black chair behind it and would likely lunge for that instead to avoid looking at either the scrap pile or the statue :)

    "Oh, and do try not to move around much for fear of splinters....once your butt falls asleep, you'll be just fine."

  3. The black hair indeed lovely. I'm not sure with this wooden furniture though. I'm sure no one wants to sit on that chair. Anyway, I love the entire design of the house. It looks compelling.

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  4. You have interesting furniture there, especially that pile of scrap wood chair. Some contemporary furniture stores really sells out-of-this-world made furniture.

  5. The not so friendly guest furniture is shwon on the post here. Useful post


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