Friday, January 6, 2012

So long 2011! Hello New Year!

2011 was a banner year here on the blog and there's no one to thank but you loyal readers out there in blog-reading land.

AHH! What is this, Halloween?! Scary! 

There were definitely some ups and downs this year and I've been called everything from smart, witty and good looking(well, maybe not) to shill and time-waster for posts you may or may not have read here in 2011. After all, there were 218 posts in 2011 and it wouldn't be difficult to miss a couple!

So I thought it would be fun to recap some of the most read and popular posts on the blog last year. Without further adieu...

The year started off with a bang. When Trends Attack! Granite Tile Counters ended up being the most search engine referred post EVER on the blog. I don't think too many DIY-friendly folks found me too entertaining... the comments were AWESOME!

After that, Stop Spreading Germs taught us to sneeze in the back-pockets of coworkers. No sense in getting folks sick...

Pirates landed on the blog with When "Go to Your Room" isn't Punishment and showed just how innovative design has become even in kid's bedrooms.

In another set of inspiring photos, Your Wallpaper Will Never Be This Cool took wall coverings and lighting to an entirely different level.

You'll see some changes on the blog this year, and some things will stay the same. Don't expect me to start liking granite tile counters anytime soon.

If you have something you'd like to see on the blog please feel free to shoot me a message and let me know. Want to do a guest post? I'd be game for that, too!

All the best wishes for you in 2012! Thanks again and keep reading!


  1. How could you forget the great pallet debate of 2011? That was an instant classic!

  2. OOH Kim, you're right! Unfortunately, stats don't lie. That still might be one of my favorites though. There's a faction of mommy bloggers that still haven't forgiven me for that one!

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