Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Find - Dreamfarm Temji

Dreamfarm is easily one of my favorite innovative companies. They're always coming out with something neat and new. The last time that I had Dreamfarm on the blog we were trying to drink from the sink...

This time, the creative folks at Dreamfarm have come up with a unique way to dial up the perfect shower temperature every time you're ready for the bath! This is the Temji!

Initially, I thought these would be awesome for me to have just because I'm half asleep during most morning showers anyway and the shock of a too hot or too cold shower isn't my preferred way to become mentally alert. The more I thought about this, the more I realized how awesome this is for kids and even more important for older people who may be more sensitive to temperature.

The cool little wraparound pieces are brightly colored(and in universal red for hot and blue for cold) with easy to read numbers. 

I couldn't be more impressed. Just another product from Dreamfarm to help make life a little bit easier.

Check out this video from Dreamfarm about the Temji!


  1. My youngest has serious issues with temp, so these are wonderful. Do they have any that mark the spot for a one-handle shower handle?

  2. I don't think we are to the easy fix for a single handle shower just yet... I wouldn't put it past the Dreamfarm folks though!

  3. Brilliant! One of those items we wonder why we didn't think of it?


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