Friday, January 27, 2012

A Wooden Fashion Statement

I joke a lot that cabinet folks have "sawdust in their veins"... it's the kind of mentality that reacts to a project with the "wish we could have gone two feet further" attitude. 

Nonetheless, the wood working people in our lives need something to wear when they aren't covered in sawdust and wood glue. 

Enter the wooden tie. It's amusing and brilliant all at the same time.

Wood Thumb is a fairly new start-up in San Francisco headed up by two young guys(hey, it's cool to see more young people in biz!) that uses all reclaimed woods in their rockin' cool wood neck ties. 

Now I've never claimed this blog to be a fashion beacon, but I like these ties. I think that it's an awesome conversation piece and would make waves at the International Woodworking Fair later this year. Hey, maybe I'll wear one!

It's a great gift work the woodworker in your world, whether professional or just a hobbyist. Hey, it's guaranteed to get lots of looks!


  1. Thank goodness it is flexible. Because sitting down might not be so much fun if it weren't.

  2. No kidding, Brandon. Could be VERY bad.

  3. hehehe o my god it is crazy, but i want it!


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