Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Find - La Cornue Grand Palais 180

The self-proclaimed crown jewel of the La Cornue of France line of cooking appliances doesn't disappoint at all. Stunning design and ultra-efficiency make this range the top of the top designer cook-spaces available. Weighing in at over 700 pounds, it's guaranteed to be the star(and center) of your kitchen!

La Cornue is available for purchase through a dealer network and most Williams-Sonoma stores. Check out the Grand Palais at the La Cornue website. This spectacular range starts at $46,000.


  1. Loved meeting you at lunch today. Love this blog. I wish I still had the photo I took in Paris in June of the tiniest little stove that looked like the baby brother to this gorgeous one you posted today!

  2. Holy baking, that bottom red one is sooooo nice. *drool* Makes my 6-burner w/grill Viking look like a weenie toaster. Of course, who wants to cook THAT much?

  3. Alison- Don't we both need one of these?!

    Virginia - Was great to meet you, too- thanks for visiting and complimenting. Go to the La Cornue website and look at the different sizes... amazing!

    Alexandra - 6-burner Viking, eh? How about I'll trade ya for the 30" range I cook on at home? ;-)

  4. I once had red in the showroom window. It was fun to stand across the street and watch people stop dead in their tracks. I must say, I am loving the green! Looks like a piece of art.


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