Friday, May 6, 2011

Derby Time is Here! Horsey Interiors

Like every good Southerner, I plan to wear seersucker and eat entirely too much Kentucky Derby Pie tomorrow while we watch the opening leg of the Triple Crown.

Thinking of horses reminded me of a couple of equine scattered interiors from browsing times gone by...

Hope your Derby Day is as exciting as the "Fastest Two Minutes in Sports!" Get out your hats and mint juleps!

*Edit* The lovely(and fellow equine aficionado) Madame Sunday reminded me that she had written a horsey house post as well- we even used some of the same pictures! It's really because we might be the same person. ;-) Check it out! 


  1. Catherine the Great is spinning in delirium!

  2. At the very least conjoined twins separated as infants...?? ; ) Thanks for the shout-out and that room by Carson Poetzl, Inc is stunning. Happy Derby weekend!

  3. Raina- Catherine and I have similar decor... I'm sure of it! ;-)

    Madame- Anytime, my dear!

  4. It's a unique motif to a contemporary space.


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