Monday, May 16, 2011

Nick's KBIS Picks: Dimplex PowerChef Grills

This is the first of seven posts about my recent trip to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show(KBIS) in Las Vegas. It was a ton of fun(and exhausting), but I've got lots of neat stuff to share.

I will probably take some heat(no pun intended) from some of my hardcore barbecue buddies for even uttering the words "electric" and "grill" in the same sentence, but times have changed!

 via Dimplex

This is the PowerChef electric grill by Dimplex. My only previous experience with Dimplex was with their line of electric fireplaces and knowing the quality of those, I was excited to see a line of cooking products.

Electric grills have notoriously underachieved when compared with more traditional outdoor cooking. Dimplex set out to change that and may have hit a home run. Many apartment and condo owners aren't permitted gas or charcoal cooking systems and the PowerChef offers a comparable(and easier) way to prepare those grilled feasts.

One of the features that really stuck with me was the direct-heating system. A lightning hot stainless steel upper grill is for searing and a lower element cooks via radiant heat. The grill has an even temperature surface that eliminates cold/hot spots and can crank up to a warm 650 degrees to sear in flavor. Optional rotisserie components allow for endless possibilities.

The PowerChef is also startlingly automated. The touchpad allows you to scroll through and choose your food and how done you want it- it does the rest! This grill even lets you know when it's time to flip the burgers!

Now I haven't had the opportunity to use one of these grills yet... But I will. I've already contacted the dealer nearest me and look forward to test-driving one of these bad boys.

What's your take on electric grills? Would you be willing to ditch the propane tanks and charcoal for the ease of electric?


  1. My husband would never give up his neolithic Green Egg, but a girl can dream.

  2. I understand, Raina- I know it'd be hard for me to part with my big Ducane stainless steel monster, but I can see how it'd be nice to have an electric job to knock out some brats or burgers nice and quick.

  3. Looks nice, Nick...but I'll keep my new charcoal unit. Still, compared to a gas grill, I'd take it all day long!

  4. Jerod- I'll always have a charcoal back-up... there is some appeal to having a full-size outdoor model that heats up like a Foreman, ESPECIALLY if I was locked in to an apartment or condo.

  5. I thought I knew you!

    In fairness, it has its place, and a condo with a "no charcoal" policy is it.

    Now I'm gonna go sit with my smokers and a bag of charcoal just to reassure them I'm never leaving them.

  6. Arne- You do know me... I still have to have charcoal(and gas) around... can't imagine not being able to have either!

  7. I am a wuss when it comes to fire either with gas or charcoal. As exciting as this product is for me I will stick with my gas grill. One of the reasons I chose gas was in case we have a hurricane and the power goes out. Being able to cook and heat water outweighs my fear.


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