Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nick's KBIS Picks: WETSTYLE IMAGE-in Collection

Continuing my posts on the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas.... Here's #2 of 7. 

I would venture to say that one of the growing trends in the kitchen and bath market is applying some sort of decor to a normally blank canvas. There are many ways that it shouldn't be done... Fortunately, WETSTYLE figured out a stunning way to jazz up the bathtub.


All WETSTYLE soaking tubs are made by hand from the company's WETMAR natural stone composite material. Because of the high mineral content of WETMAR, these tubs are slip resistant and have great built in thermo-insulation.


The imaging seen is a result of combining a "True High Gloss" and a matte finish on the same surface. The gloss shows up in the pictures as the darker hue.

Each design can be "reversed" where the matte and gloss are switched... and even further customized!


WETSTYLE is offering the IMAGE-in tubs with the four pictured motifs as well as the ability for a homeowner to choose and create their own design. Because each piece is made to order, the opportunity for customization is limitless.


Because the tubs are shades of white, one can see how a solid dark floor really shows the depth and artistic value of the design. 

Customization has moved in to the front of the bathroom. Can't wait to see what WETSTYLE comes up with next! 

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