Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Find - OCTOPUS Hood

Kitchen ventilation is an integral part of the design process but is often overlooked because of the utilitarian nation of hoods. 

Maybe ventilation can be a focal point, too.

This is the OCTOPUS hood designed by Bora Cakilkaya from P-ARCH. One of the primary issues with kitchen ventilation is directed airflow and the adjustable arms solve that issue.

The body is a white stainless steel and houses a main motor unit while the four adjustable arms contain a smaller motor that allows arms to operate independently of the others.

The look is extremely unique and fortunately the function appears to be as awesome and inspiring as the form.

Bottom line: Homeowners, would you want it in your kitchen? Designers, would you spec it?

I'd rock one in my kitchen, for sure!


  1. I would have one in my kitchen for sure. Not only is the design funky and unique but the functionality seems just as impressive. That said, I'd have anything in my kitchen at the moment as I am using an open back door for ventilation ha!

    1. Ha! That back door doesn't have the directed ventilation you need!


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