Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kitchen Designers and Trade Shows

Trade show season is in full swing for the building industry and some clients may be wondering why it's so important that in the middle of the spring building boom designers and contractors "take off" half a week or more to go to some show in another state.

Why should new home builders and potential remodelers care if their kitchen and bathroom designers attend trade shows. The answer is more complicated than you think.

from KBIS in 2011

Kitchen and bath designers have a tougher job than most homeowners think. Even though it would be awesome if all the new products and trends could be beamed from some magic kitchen ray in to our heads, but no one has seemed to perfect that yet. Trade shows, specifically those that feature aggressive manufacturers, are a bonanza of information that in the end benefits each client a designer signs.

When a homeowner sits with a designer and is presented a plan, the end result is the best suggestion for the homeowner's space. There are MILLIONS of options and your designer has chosen from virtually endless possibilities a perfect situation for you.

The marvelous Stephanie Oyer from MSL Chicago and kitchen wizard Arne Salvesen.

Trade shows allow designers to see what's new and hot. I know that everyone is not ultra-trend focused, but sometimes it's not the form that's hot but the function. Manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and allow for most features of products to be right on display at these trade shows. When designers are able to put their hands on products, it's one step closer to being in a design and home you're working on.

Kitchen Design Power: From left- Susan Serra, Corey Klassen, Pam Rodriguez, Kelly Morriseau, Sarah Lloyd, Arne Salvesen and Nick Lovelady

So if your designer abandons you for a few days this spring don't fret. They're off gathering the best information they can(and networking with some of the brightest people in the industry) to help create the kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.

I can't imagine any designer not wanting to be at the shows. If they aren't interested, you might not be getting the best products! Ask your designer where they're going. They'll be happy to share!

Just a few of the trade shows coming up soon...


  1. Looks like a great photo of Who's Who in Kitchen Design, except for moi, of course. Wish I was there!

    1. I know! We all need a big get together sometime soon.

  2. Great blog! It was indeed a very informative post.

  3. One day I hope to make it to KBIS! It's always so close to High Point Market time but since HPMkt is twice a year, I could alternate a visit. Can't wait to read and see the updates that you share! In the meanwhile, I'll be happy to send you images from my trip and you're welcome to put them into a trend report. One industry always influences the other, I say. :)

    1. I'm skipping KBIS this year, Wanda. Off to Coverings and planning on being at Dwell on Design.


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