Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Inspiration - Not Your Grandma's Astroturf

Astroturf takes me back to a time when country porches and concrete pads were softened by the glorious and shiny green plasti-grass that was once one of the hottest and most desirable home accents available.

What were we thinking?

And then comes this Ortis designed home in Austria....

Complete with stairs to nowhere, sideways windows and goats, mind you. Wouldn't goats eat the house?

So what do you think? It's like camo in the summer!


  1. Interesting home Nick and love the staircases to no where. Do you have to have a special lawn mower?

    1. Ha! I suppose one would just use a vacuum cleaner.

  2. love your blog really pretty .
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  3. I can just imagine what the neighbors were saying..."Cleetus, he's putting more stairs in. I wonder if he knows that them there stairs are not going to work out for him."

    Maybe the stairs are for access to weed whack?

  4. I am really curious for knowing about the house. If i have house like that.......


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