Monday, April 23, 2012

Faucet Love - Blanco Culina

So many of us like to imagine that we cook in a chef's kitchen... I like to think my food tastes as good, too! We all love to see commercial cooking and kitchen implements and those of us in the industry end up weak in the knees over a gigantic range or six or more feet of counter depth refrigeration.

As nice as a three-bowl commercial sink would be in my home, my dishwasher does most of the work. The faucet on the other hand, can be just as professional as any other appliance!

Enter Blanco and the Culina faucet.

Blanco pitches the Culina as a semi-professional faucet. See, the closed coils of the faucet allow for maximum range without the possibility of a tangled wand or opportunity for gunk and yuckiness to get in the spring. Smart, eh?

Here's a great promo video from Blanco with friend of Cupboards, Grace Kelly sharing some insight on the Culina.

The Culina has some primary features that shouldn't be over looked. Besides the solid brass construction, the Culina has a 2.2gpm water usage rate and has ceramic discs(if you buy a faucet without ceramic discs, you're asking for drips down the road).

The faucet itself turns in to a wand and has a magnetic attachment. The arm has an easy switch two-way spray that allows users to make quick work of many tasks.

Remember the maximum range I mentioned earlier? This is Paul Anater giving the Culina a real work out at IMM Cologne last year(take a look at that sink, too- it's undermount on laminate!).

So what do you think? Would a Culina fit in at your home?


  1. It would look horribly out of place in my home. Perhaps, if I tore down my home and installed the faucet first, then designed the home around it, I'd be okay. (I think there was a commercial like that.) The point is, that faucet is way to sexy for my kitchen.

    1. There was definitely a commercial like that... Cool thing about faucets though(especially good ones), is that they up the sexy-quotient of your space. Forget the rest of it... start at the sink!

  2. Who shot that video?! Great post and a great faucet. That sink is a ceramic kitchen sink by the way. Blanco makes tons of them but they're not available in the US. Beautiful!

    1. Paul, you just never know when someone has the camera out! It was nice to see someone in "real life" give it the once over... eases a lot of minds out there!

  3. This faucet is beautiful and worth every penny. Smooth operation, excellent water flow and well made. Heavy duty high quality material.This is the last faucet you should ever need.


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