Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top 10 Must-Have Travel Apps!

It's vacation season and even when I travel for work, my iPhone/iPad take a central role in not just planning my trips, but also assisting me along the way once I'm far from home.

There are tons of travel apps that can help you on your trip. Here are a few that come highly recommended.


  1. Nice info graphic! Thanks a lot for the share.

  2. Great list! I’ve only tried out a few of these on my iPad so I can’t wait to road-test the rest. TripJournal is just about my favorite one right now, other than this remote access app I picked up through my job at Dish. I use it all the time, both at home and especially when I travel, and whether I’m stuck in the airport just unwinding in the hotel. It allows me to watch live or recorded programs off my home receiver anywhere I can get a wifi or 3G connection. It’s so perfect for fighting off boredom during layovers and delays.


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