Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Faucet Love - Webert Arcobaleno

I love innovation. I also love when innovation allows for multiple users a different experience.

With the recent push for universal design and helping homeowners age gracefully in their homes, innovation has come in many shapes and in the case of the Webert Arcobaleno, colors.

The Arcobaleno is an LED faucet that shows(literally) users the temperature of the water they're about to use. For older and younger users(and me), it's a reminder of the water temperature so that one isn't accidentally burned or given a chill.

Take a look:

Obviously, blue is for cold and red is for hot. What makes the Arcobaleno unique is the ability of the LED to change with the temperature... What happens when you mix hot and cold? Purple!

The joystick adds a bit of whimsy to the otherwise modern faucet. Do you think you would use one in your house?


  1. Ich wollte Ihnen für dieses große Lese-danke! Kein Zweifel, genießen Sie jeden Bissen davon muss ich wählen, um neue Dinge, die Sie verfassen zu sehen.


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