Friday, July 9, 2010

Antique Tables - Made Daily!

Today's Friday Funny:

How often in the design industry do we find a product that is obviously not what it advertises or incredibly too good to be true.

Got to give these folks props for proper labeling. It means a lot when a company is almost 100% nearly true about advertising an authentic reproduction antique.

I think I will call them and see if they can give me an accurate and firm estimate on some modern traditional styled new old antique tables.


Have a great weekend!

*To give proper credit, these fine folks are in VA and make furniture from repurposed antique wood, a very green endeavor!


  1. I think you should send some business their way. I like the look of their building. If you do, I hope you will give us an update.

  2. Brian, they are absolutely on my furniture suppliers list. I was having a day yesterday and the oxy-morons cheered me up!

    I always prefer to use local shops for furniture like this- all about the heirloom pieces.

  3. If you are looking for hand built Virginia farm tables and country furnture from reclaimed and antique lumber, be sure to check out these guys too:


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