Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Voting and Kitchen Design

Today is one of the handful of days in the lifetime of a registered voter in the state of Alabama that we are able to exercise the single greatest act of civic duty. We are in the midst of a gubernatorial primary run-off and typical with primaries and even more so, run-offs, turn-out is expected to be offensively low.

The picture below is the door I walk through to go vote. It's a small, modest but well-appointed volunteer fire station is very rural East Alabama.

Sometimes I have a flair for the dramatic, so using a "black and white" photo enhances the "Mayberry appeal" of the location. When I voted this morning with Dad, we were the ninth and tenth ballots cast.

One of my biggest pet peeves is a registered voter that fails to vote complaining about the local, state or national government. Maybe I am just a bit out of line, but if you don't vote I feel like you forfeit your right to gripe. Is it always easy to take the time to vote? Of course not. I look at it as an obligation. Since I tend to have opinions on everything, I'm just making sure I don't look like a hypocrite.

As I drove to our little fire station to vote this morning, I was reminded of people complaining about one thing or the other. That thought led me to homeowners for some reason. There are plenty of people out there who didn't work with us on their kitchen. I try to talk to as many people as I can and get a sense of what they are happy/unhappy with and look for ways that we can improve our business.

One of the most startling things to me is to hear a homeowner explain the reasoning for skipping the kitchen design process, allow a builder or uncle's cousin's half-sister's ex-boyfriend build or buy and install cabinets for their home... just to save a few bucks. How do they feel now, you ask? Miserable... and they're complaining.

Ahh back to the voting analogy- a good kitchen designer is never "cheap". One may find that some are less expensive than others, but it's important to attach a tangible value to the service they provide. Kitchen designers look at kitchens every day. Good ones know the latest and greatest of products, and how your space and work for you... not having you constantly working on it.

Bottom line... If you skip having a kitchen designer, don't complain about it- go find one now and let them help you add some finishing touches to make your kitchen a better place. If you're building or remodeling and haven't worked with a kitchen designer yet, you better hurry.

Time to climb off the soapbox- If it's time to vote where you are, get there before the polls close.

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