Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Find - Carrara Dream

I am really digging the "Friday Find" bit that's going on nowadays(pats myself on the back). Sometimes, there's nothing witty or interesting to say about certain things, yet they're still too cool not to share.

For those of you that are Carrara Crazies, brace yourselves.

Today's find is something else! A Cinderella Table made of a single block of Carrara Marble. Designed by Jeroen Verhoeven for the Dutch design house Demakersvan, the stunning piece of "design art" was purchased by Brad Pitt in 2008 and another is allegedly for sale with Sotheby's right now. The table is one of a set of six.

photos via Sotheby's

Pretty neat, huh? The table is made with a 7 axes CNC robot, so if you know anything about stone fabrication you know it'll do a whole lot more than put an edge on a counter top!

A couple years ago when Brad bought his, he paid £150,000(approx $233,000) for his Cinderella Table.


  1. As a marble fanatic, I can see this for the achievement it is. Now, whether or not I like it is a whole other matter. :)

  2. I agree with you, Paul- all the way!


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