Saturday, July 17, 2010

All 5 Senses - Spa to Kitchen

A few days ago, I was approached by Candy from Art of the Spa to participate in a new Twitter chat called #SpaKitchen. The concept of de-stressing a kitchen space is certainly not new and it's certainly an aspect of every kitchen that we do. No one wants to have a kitchen that doesn't work for them or creates a poor emotional response- After all, that's part of the reason a homeowner employs a good kitchen designer, to help with those issues.

Occasionally I stumble upon a space that automatically makes me feel more relaxed and gives off great vibes. Pictured above is one of those spaces. It didn't take long for me to realize that each of my senses would be impacted positively if I was standing in this space. Obviously, visually the space is stunning- warm colors, unique mix of glass and wood for workspace, beautifully lighting and fresh fruit and flowers bring a sense of outdoors in. I can imagine the smells of citrus and orchids, the sounds of a favorite light jazz musician coming from carefully placed ambient speakers, tasting a freshly brewed Earl Grey Tea and crisp orange slices.

Perhaps the most important sense in the kitchen is often the most overlooked- touch. When I walk through our showroom multiple times a day I drag my hand along counter tops, over cabinet door profiles, and along sleek door and drawer hardware. Comfort to me is a pleasant feel, literally. In this picture, the warmth of the wood and coolness of the glass counters offer a pleasant balance in the space. Plush seating and the fragile orchids add comfort and soften the metallic feel of the stainless steel appliances. It's all about balance, and this kitchen has it.

I encourage all my customers to use certain elements of Feng Shui in their spaces, knowingly or not. It's important to balance the 5 elements(Metal, Water, Wood, Earth, Fire) creating a pleasant space. Some of the most basic Feng Shui principles are ones I stress every day: Keeping clutter to a minimum, not placing cooking surfaces beside water sources(stoves/sinks and ovens/refrigerators), making sure waste and recycling bins are out of view, creating organized and separate pantry spaces.

Our kitchens are supposed to be a place we enjoy being and creating in, and no one wants to be in a cluttered space standing next to a trash can.


The picture above is from ThinkGlass, a very cool cast-glass artisan company that creates all sorts of art from glass. My first exposure to them was in Orange Beach, Alabama at the Bella Luna Resort. ThinkGlass created a breathtaking sculpture that greets guests as they arrive to the resort.

I was amazed to find out they do counter tops and have been smitten since- I am patiently waiting for the right customer to spec them in... If I have to wait too long, they may just end up in my kitchen.

Check them out, it's worth the look.


If you'd like more information about the #SpaKitchen TweetChat coming up soon click here. We'd love to have you join us!

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