Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bunk Beds on Boardwalk

Occasionally in my web-surfing about I run across something that really catches my eye or reminds me of something without intention.

Happened across these bunk beds and couldn't imagine them anywhere other than a property between Baltic and Boardwalk Avenues. Pass go if you want, it's 200 bucks after all.

Are those not the coolest things you've ever seen? I'd probably want some for myself but I'm pretty sure I'd hang right of the end of either bunk. Ha!

Oh there are children in there! Fun, fun for all!

These bunks are a prototype called Maja from AALTO+AALTO. I dig them, big time.

What do you think? Fun or over the top?


  1. I've seen many bunk beds but those are pretty cool.

  2. These bunk beds look so creative and I'm sure kids would love this idea.

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  3. I love these bunk beds. They look very exquisite and stylish. The designs are perfect for kids, it's very compelling. bedroom furniture


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