Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You

It's no secret that I have a hard time resisting ice cream, no matter the season.

Maybe the kind of ice cream you like has a lot to do with your personality... Since there is no Cake Batter flavor(Kilwin's has the best), I had to choose Butter Pecan. Kind of embarrassing to choose the flavor that has "Glutton" in BIG letters over it!

What flavor are you?


  1. Well, I love French Vanilla and Coffee, but not so sure I like the personality traits on this list! Where's Rocky Road? Are you going to change your name from Cupboards to Glutton?
    P.S. Where's lavender in this mix?

  2. How adorable! And luckily, I like what it says about Strawberry.


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