Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Find - ImagenGlass by Jockimo

I've warmed up to glass counters as an alternative to other solid surface materials. As always each has their pros and cons, but glass allows for some things that some other materials just don't.

This is ImagenGlass from Jockimo. What they've done is taken their glass slabs and used a photographic coloring on PET foil and laminated it inside the sheet. The results are breathtaking.

Notice the texture and transparency... it looks real!

Permanent pieces like this are sometimes frowned upon(I blame realtors) but the effect is quite dramatic. Imagine seeing the island backlit at night!

There is something very whimsical about the fruit kitchen... notice the light fixtures even. Think about it... the options are limitless! 


  1. Limitless is right. Looks like they can print anything on them!? Heading to the site now. Do ever think to yourself man if I get the right client this could really be a great design element? Great find Nickz. Oh and go Gators!

  2. Jeremy- I keep all this good stuff tucked away in my head for the perfect client... One day they'll walk through the door!


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