Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shower and Simmer?

More and more, small homes/apartments/condos are gaining appeal. Not only are they easier to maintain and can be significantly more cost effective, but smart designs even allow for all the amenities of a much larger home.

Now, there will always be a give and take... this apartment isn't quite what I would imagine as being very guest-friendly...

But hey, at least you can keep an eye on the dinner while your washing your hair... I don't imagine the shower came with the strategically placed steam.

Voyeuristic showers are not uncommon... one of the first things I thought of when I saw this shower was a post by our friend Bob Borson over at Life of an Architect. His shower has quite the view!

Obviously, it's a small space- I would have never guessed that placing the shower at the end of the kitchen would have been smart... Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to insure a bit of privacy if you desire.

Pocket doors are gifts from above and save TONS of space in a small home. I was tricked in to believing I would just have to shower in plain view of my stove.

I'll give it to the architects who designed the space, it's not like any other I've seen... And there's no doubt that the shower would be the chief conversation piece of the home. Better make sure you keep those panels clean!

All photos via ArchiPablos.


  1. you had me going there for a while - and I would argue that the steam is not strategically placed...

  2. Bob- I see your point re: steam... All in the eye of the beholder, eh? ;-)

  3. Sadly, I think Bob's point is that it's NOT in the eye of the beholder. Much to his chagrin! I do not want that shower. I like the illusion of privacy.

  4. That glass is going to get a little funky, but a good idea otherwise.

  5. Alexandra- Illusion of privacy... I like that.

    Marcus- I'm thinking the glass is going to get a lot funky... Lots of work to keep it clean.

  6. Holy Crap! That is wrong. I mean I'd feel so weird... coming clean in a place where you're making food? Ewww. I'm so posting this to my FB page. :-p

  7. Oh come on Alycia... you could do the dishes in the shower! ;-)

  8. Is this a European space? Sure looks like it. Also, on the plus side you can finish your shower and get the pots filled for dinner! :D


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