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Guest Post: Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

In the last 5 years or so, the outdoor living space emerged as one of the top trends when designing a home. People wanted a place to enjoy the comforts of the inside with the ambiance of the outside and that’s just what they got. As always, trends change with time. Now that the outdoor living space has become accepted, the new thing popping up is the outdoor kitchen. It’s a natural addition in the outdoor space, as it’s another way to enjoy the comforts of inside while out in nature. If you’re just beginning to plan your outdoor kitchen, here are 4 tips to help you get started.

Consider the Type of Entertaining You’ll Do
  • If you’re putting in an outdoor kitchen, chances are you’ve got a pretty good sized outdoor area. The big consideration here, though, is the size of gatherings you’ll be having. If it’ll just be something you and your family use, a small kitchen with simple bar seating may be all you need. Conversely, if you plan on hosting outdoor gatherings with a lot of guests, you may want to add more cooking space and extra accessories, like a built-in drink cooler. A dining area next to the kitchen is a great idea as well, as it gives everyone a place to gather before, during, and after the meal.

The Grill is the Centerpiece
  • Don’t forget that the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen is the grill – it’s where the food gets cooked and where you’ll be spending a lot of time. With that said, don’t just go with any cheap grill you find here. There are certain things in an outdoor kitchen that you can spend less on, but you’ll want to invest money in a high quality grill. A cheap model will burn out after a few seasons and need to be replaced. A quality grill will last through years of cooking and hundreds of meals, easily paying for itself over time. As a bonus tip, go with a propane grill – it will cost less than running a natural gas line or an electric line out to your kitchen.

Accessorize Properly
  • While the grill is the centerpiece, you can’t forget about the accessories. These are what make it an outdoor kitchen and not just a fancy grilling spot. Staple accessories every kitchen should have include a sink, storage cabinets, and a small refrigerator. With these, you’ve got the basics and can do all you need to have a great meal outside. If you want to get a little fancier, you can add things like a wine chiller, lobster boiler, or a warming station. For a real treat, consider adding a pizza oven. These have become the top accessory in outdoor kitchens over the last year, as they’re easy to install and give you a quick way to cook a food everyone likes.

Plan for Mother Nature
  • Finally, you’ve got to take the elements into consideration when designing your outdoor kitchen. A well planned one will have the main cooking and (if implemented) dining areas covered so the space can still be used in rain or other bad weather. If you’re in a cooler region of the country, adding a heating element like a nice stainless steel patio heater is an easy way to make sure you and your guests are always comfortable in your outdoor kitchen. For warmer regions, an outdoor fan or misting system always makes a good choice for keeping cool.

When you consider the value outdoor kitchens provide, both in terms of hosting guests and in the resale of your home, it’s no surprise they’re becoming so popular. Let these tips guide you when you start designing yours and you’ll have the perfect one together in no time!

About The Author – Marissa Alan is a writer with Outdoor Living and enjoys cooking, outdoor decorating, and making her own wind chimes. For more on products like fire pits, grills, outdoor kitchen accessories, and garden water features, visit 


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