Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Inspiration - Not Just a White Kitchen

No secret... I love white kitchens.

Also no secret, I HATE white ceilings.

Combine the two and MAGIC!!!


Strike your fancy or no? Comment away!


  1. It's a great start! Not at all liking the "decor" AT ALL...but the kitchen, yes! Could use a bit of a backsplash in the focal point no?

  2. It's a bit "cottagy" for me, too(the decor). The permanent elements are perfections to me.

    I actually am ok with the blank splash. Seems that with the ceiling height, it'd have to be so big to meet the scale of the wall.

  3. I agree!..I also love white kitchens..I actually like the white/green color design combination.. green which is my favorite color..over-all it was Great!

  4. Nick- the first thing that my eye saw was the ceiling. I'm not a big fan of the plain white sheet rocked ceiling even though I have done many over the years. What is the material used there?

  5. Charles- Glad you like!

    Todd- Looks like wallpaper to me- not completely uncommon.

  6. I think the plates moved to the backsplash area would have added a lot. I like the ceiling...pulled wallpaper off from my kitchen ceiling when I moved in. I was not a big fan of linen red on my ceiling, but could get used to the checking. I love the baskets...may have chosen different shade of green for the wine rack, but all in all great!

  7. Holy Gingham, Batman! I dig that.

  8. Looks great Nick, love the green, very interesting. Baskets also, thumbs up!

  9. Old Try- You and me both!

    Sandy- I think the green is interesting, too. Not a very "standard" color that we'd typically see in the kitchen, especially on more permanent pieces(island).


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