Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Americans Spend Their Money on DIY Home Improvement

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How americans spend their money on diy home improvement
Source: Fixr


  1. Nick,
    Interesting infographic. I was a little surprised to see the room addition #'s so high. I would assume this type of project is usually beond a typical DIY job! Had I guessed before seeing the graphic, I would have gone with kitchen remodels as the leader. Also, it looks like Y2K didn't slow things down too much! Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Paul- I thought the numbers were a bit questionable too, but then you must take in to account that numbers are significantly different from one part of the country to others and that can skew the range.

    I think that what it shows more than anything is that there is still a market for homeowners that want to make improvements to their homes and that while DIY is likely here to stay(thanks to big box home improvement stores) it's important to market ourselves(the design and design/build industry) as even more valuable than ever!

  3. Wow, the costs have really gone up throughout the years. Although I'm glad to see that it tapered a bit in the end. It's a great time for home improvement project.

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