Monday, April 11, 2011

Residential Slide > Stairs

I've always believed that home is supposed to be a place that one can enjoy- some of us like to enjoy home more than others.

Upstairs to downstairs... why not just slide?!

Turett Collaborative Architects designed this awesome apartment(identical one bedroom, 1200 square foot units, one on top of the other) as a residential and "work at home" space.

The half-tube stainless steel slide couldn't fit in a home space any more perfectly. Kudos to the architects for the sweet design and to the homeowners for being so open to such a fun option for "heading downstairs".

I can imagine guests running up the stairs to try out the slide over and over!


  1. Very cool ... as long as you have enough valium to deal with the kids' screams of joy! Saw a similar idea here: apartment slide

  2. GREAT link, Arne- Since I don't ever anticipate having kids, I guess I'd just need pain-killers for whenever I bust my rear flying out the bottom of the slide. Ha!

  3. My granddaughters would love this...

    Brenda Lynn

  4. Can you imagine having business guests over and sliding down in evening wear to greet them, yelling "weeee!" as you go!

  5. Adding the slide fills up the rather blank apartment space. It's a creative idea as well.


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