Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ModernSauce has cabinet fever

I’ve been working on my kitchen remodel for 127 years the last few months and even though my project is 99.9% done I still can’t quit looking at kitchen inspiration.  It's a disease!!  A glorious disease filled with sexy hardware and sinks so pretty it'll make me WANT to do dishes.  I know.  I'm sick in the head.

Lately my attention has been drifting towards cabinet inspiration.  It seems that rather than wood tones I've got the fever for painted cabinets in shades of grey.  
Traditional Home
Well hello, handsome!  Grey feels like a classic neutral from a traditional menswear palette that will go with anything.  This is good because what if I get a wild hair and decide to paint the walls aqua one night at 3 AM?  We can blame it on my fever-addled brain but at least we know that it'll coordinate well with the cabinets.  Always good to plan ahead for all possible scenarios.

Skona Hem via Emma's Design Blogg
Maybe you like more of a modern man...  The cabinets are in the back once you tear your eyes away from the dining table.  I'm not sure why there are so many ovens here but I'm guessing it would make Thanksgiving awesome.  Just like those cabinets.

via Fine Things & Big Dreams
A classic Shaker style is always timeless.  The jean jacket I'll leave up to you...

via Greige Design
Having no upper cabinets might be my new favorite thing until I remember that I hate bending over all the time.  I'll stick with grey.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles via A Perfect Gray
Shiny AND grey!!  You really can't go wrong with that combo.

Traditional Home via coco+kelley
Ok that's actually teal not grey but I couldn't resist throwing it in.  Maybe teal is the new grey...?!  I feel a fever coming on.  


  1. I have the fever to rip out my upper cabinets. Never mind that a full kitchen remodel is at least two years away.

    Thanks, MS. Now I'm all hot and bothered.

  2. Nick, years ago I did cabinets in a lake house for a very good friend and they were painted Taos Turquoise, absolutley gorgeous and stunning! Later on I did an entire house in a Kraftmaid gray stained cabinet and they were also stunning, although in a totally different way!

    If I ever own another house (it is on my wish list, left the last one with the ex-good riddance to both) I want to actually have one of my kitchen designs (also on my list) my only problem will be trying to decide what I would want. Nick you and I have had this dicussion, we would be our own worst customers...I know what I would like right this minute, but tomorrow it could be the exact opposite! Who knows!

    Loved the post, can't wait to hear all about KBIS!

    Brenda Lynn

  3. Raina - it's never too soon to start dreaming. Or start the demo...

    Brenda - Cupboards pulled a switcheroo today and it's not Nick it's everyone's favorite Madame!! Being in the design biz is tough because we all see so much. Probably when it comes down to it you'll be able to nail down exactly what you want. Until it changes... ; )


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