Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trip-Planning KBIS 2011 - Brizo

It's no secret that Brizo is one of my favorite plumbing companies(and a Masco Brand to boot). 

It'd be silly to think I would be all up in their booth at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. 

I was so sad to miss them at the show last year... They'll have to run me off this time!

One of Brizos latest releases is the Solna Collection. According to Brizo, Solna is inspired by contemporary Scandinavian furniture and features a completely concealed pull down spray wand that also uses its VERY awesome MagneDock technology.

I can't wait to see what Brizo has in store for the show this year... constantly on the cutting edge of design, I really shouldn't be surprised when everything they display is significantly above-average.

Why all the gushing over Brizo? I have a Talo Touch(Thanks to the fine folks at Brizo) sitting very, very near my desk at Cupboards... it calls out to me almost daily to hurry up and install its rockin' self at my sink at home.

Brizo will be at C4563 at KBIS- stop by and say hello. Tell them Nick from Cupboards sent you.


  1. That Solna collection rocks my world.

  2. I'm with you, Raina- got to give them credit for some awesome innovations!

  3. A Talo? You strike me as a Venuto man Nick. :)

  4. If you don't install that Talo Touch by summer, it's mine. Mine, I tell you!

  5. Paul- Oh yes, Talo all the way. Fits my rather traditional personal style more than the more modern pieces.

    Alexandra- We'll fight if you touch my Talo! ;-)

  6. While yo are fighting Alexandra I will slip quietly in and steal it away... See, I have an advantage, I am closer than Alexandra is...

    Another great post, Nick, keep up the good work.

    Brenda Lynn

  7. Brenda- Don't count on it... I'll use my Talo as a weapon. ;-)

    Michelle- It is quite nice isn't it?


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