Monday, April 25, 2011

Support Your Local Cobbler!

I haven’t owned a pair of tennis shoes that wasn’t made by New Balance since 1994, so perhaps I’m biased, but…New Balance’s 574 “cUStom” has really gotten me excited!  

The 574 Custom is manufactured completely in Norridgewock, Maine by American workers.  New Balance claims they now produce 25% of domestic product locally, and are making strides to bring that number to 70%. 

This makes me happy on so many levels:

-My purchase supports local workers, who make an honest wage.

-My shoes won’t bear the sickly stench of Malaysian child labor. 

-My shoes don’t have to be shipped across the world to reach me, thus saving all those precious oil reserves for powering my enormous SUVs!

-Perhaps most importantly…I can make them look anyway I want!  The design process is super easy, and the options are myriad.  

Give them a look: at $114.95, I think these are a steal!


Jerod LeCompte lives in Auburn, and truly believes 
it is "the loveliest village on the plains".  He spends 
his free time critiquing other people's accomplishments, 
figuring out which beach his jet-setting wife is 
laying out on each weekend, and patching 
Jeep Cherokees together with bailing twine.

We are thankful to have Jerod as part of the Cupboards
extended family! 

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