Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Review: Kelly's Kitchen Sync

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time visiting with the extra awesome Kelly Morisseau. We had plenty of time to talk about her upcoming book release and how that since I was so handsome and such a nice guy that I sure would like a signed copy to show to everyone to prove that I know someone famous.

There's Kelly in the dead center(where she belongs)!

Last week, my dreams came true! 

A friendly parcel employee delivered a discreet package containing my very own copy of Kelly's Kitchen Sync, complete with inscription(that will not be revealed). 

Because everyone should buy the book, I'm not going to get too deep in to all the good wisdom that Kelly passes along. I will tell you though, anyone starting out a kitchen project should get their hands on a copy and read it. As someone that deals with the ins and outs of kitchen projects on a daily basis, it was a very interesting read and something that I'll keep around as a resource in the future.

There is a great quote from Kelly regarding her experience writing the book and sums up the book quite well: 

“I wanted to help the average homeowner avoid costly kitchen design mistakes,” Kelly explains.  “What most consumers don’t realize is that not all products work well in every kitchen and not all products are compatible with each other. Online forums, blogs, and websites are filled with homeowners’ tales of painful hindsight and delays. I wanted to steer my readers away from the same experiences.” 

How many times have we searched for a 'how-to' and read the horror stories? Kelly takes some of the fear of the big kitchen project and fills that space with knowledge! 

My favorite section of the book covers costs. Perhaps the most mysterious and daunting aspect of a kitchen or bath project is seeing(and understanding) the bottom line. Kelly takes a super smart approach to the "money talk" and and even mentions those of us in "reality land" that are often put in odd spots with customers by supposed "good deals" and reality design television.

During my visit at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show with Kelly, I learned that her experience in the industry  is quite similar to mine. We both grew up with sawdust in our veins having parents in the business and learned about kitchens and bathrooms from ground level up. I can only hope that one day I will have the expertise and respect from design peers that Kelly does! 

If you're considering a kitchen project of any sort, remodel or new construction, Kelly's Kitchen Sync is something you need to read. I promise... it's full of things you never thought about. 

If you don't know Kelly, make sure to follow her on twitter and read her blog


  1. Nick, thanks so much for the lovely review. Peer reviews are the best (and most nerve-wracking) because, well, you can't fool those who work in the same business, can you? If I'd slipped in any way, I would have heard about it!

    I hope that we'll get more opportunities in the future to talk. There's not many of us that came from our viewpoint. Is that why we have the same warped sense of humor?

  2. Kelly- Thank YOU for allowing me to be one of your earliest readers. I am so thankful to count you as a close resource and friend in the industry.

    As for our upbringing, that warped sense of humor is just one of the perks, eh?!


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