Monday, June 13, 2011

Corian Illumination Series

Corian will always be the elder statesman in solid-surfacing for me. Every company has had its ebbs and flows, but Corian has challenged the "stone frenzy" head on and has some exciting products out now.

The Corian Illumination Series is one of my favorite solid surface products. Not only are you virtually limitless in one's design, but now that same design can be back lit with any number of light types and colors.

The Illumination Series is a more translucent material that can be fabricated just the same as standard Corian materials as long as a few considerations are met when planning to back light. 

Changing the type of lighting dramatically changes the appearance of an Illumination color. 

This nightclub in Montreal has perhaps the most stunning light application I've seen with the Illumination Series... 

Ask your kitchen design professional about how to use Corian Illumination in your next project! 


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