Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#LetsBlogOff - Let's Ride!

Today's edition of Let's Blog Off poses the question that vexes the working class: How to you rest and recharge?

I'm sure that the obvious answer would be to vegetate on the sofa... not here. Let's go riding! 

Panama City Beach, FL

My family started riding motorcycles as a group some years ago and it's become sort of a normal thing to plan a trip and have it revolve around taking the bikes. Our little group has grown from just Mom, Dad and myself to include cousins and siblings. Everyone is getting in on the fun!

 South of Montgomery, AL

 Bonifay, FL 

Panama City Beach, FL

There is something startlingly therapeutic about being in the open air with little more than a set of handlebars separating you from oncoming traffic. "Motorcycle therapy" is shared by most bikers that I know. Even when you are riding with a group, the open road soothes just about any trouble you may have. 

 Panama City Beach, FL

Because it's normally a family affair, anytime we go anywhere we plan around stops to ice cream parlors and putt-putt golf courses. Sounds pretty stressful, huh?

On I-40 south of Knoxville, TN

But no matter where we've come from or where we are going, once you fire up that engine and get the wind blowing past you, rest and recharging aren't necessary... just keep on riding!

So what about you? How do you rest and recharge? Want to go for a ride with us?

Check out the other cool folks that are resting on this Let's Blog Off Tuesday. Safe riding, friends!


  1. Now you got me wanting to form a Dog Pack motorcycle group. I think at my age though, that is about the same as buying the red convertible... maybe since I still have all my hair.. err. fur... and teeth, with the money I'm saving on transplants and dentures...

  2. Well, I'll be damned! As a very young man, motorcycles were my only means of transportation for seven years because they were cheaper than a car. I didn't have a hog like these, but it held its own. Zero to sixty in seven and a half seconds. I used to ride from Long Beach, California to Laguna Beach whenever the world was doing me a nasty. Wonderful therapy! I got a car a long time ago and never looked back, but you're right about spending time on the road with a motorcycle. I have never done that with a car!

  3. Rufus- Dog Pack Moto-group would be awesome!

    Joseph- Time to get back in the saddle, buddy!


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