Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Great Diet Comparison

Now that I am back from an awesome(and filling) event in Louisville, it might be wise for me to take a look at one of these dining plans...


  1. I am starting the New South Beach Monday a.m. Got the fridge emptied, going to grill some lean meat for next week's lunches & dinners. I am going to do this! I feel like I gained 10 pounds last week! I could definitely go for some more of that blackberry cobbler right now! Have a great weekend, Nick.


  2. I just purchased a book called The 17 day diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. Basically 3 different 17 day stages. Food is similar to South Beach. Grocery shopped today for it.

  3. Brenda- Good luck!

    Ginny- I wish I could stick to one or the other. I like to eat too much.


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