Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Want This: GE Monogram 30" Refrigerator

On a recent trip to New York, I had the privilege of spending some time at the GE Monogram Design Center in Manhattan. The 4000 sq. ft. New York City-themed showroom is fearlessly led by Paula Cecere(who was kind enough to give me a personal tour on virtually no notice).

How Paula and her team get any work done is beyond me. The showroom is full of stunning kitchen set-ups with every foodies dream appliance suite. I'd spend all day making pies.

There was so much to see(and so little time), but one Monogram appliance really stood out among the rest...

via GE

The 30" Refrigerator and Wine Reserve is the result of GE's smart thinking and being aware that more and more people are living in smaller spaces but don't want to sacrifice having nice things. 

The fully integrated styling allows a seamless installation and fully built-in look. Here they are in the Monogram Design Center...

What's that middle drawer, you ask? Freezer and ice. So what's the big one on the bottom?! 

It's the only convertible you can brag to me about and me actually be impressed. Ha!

The bottom drawer is a multi-use space that can be set from -6 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit expanding the cooling or freezing zones at the switch of button. Pretty sweet.

On top of the awesome design, convertible drawer, glass door option and perfect installation appearance, the Monogram 30" refrigerator is the first to use the R600A refrigerant. The new refrigerant has a lower global-warming impact than common refrigerants  in the industry. Additionally, the 30" Monogram will use cyclopentane to blow the insulation in to these units, compared with previously used higher-emitting HFC foam-blowing agents. All around, a better deal.

If you haven't checked these out for yourself, do so now. Also, follow Paula and her team on twitter- Always great information there.

Thanks again to Paula for hosting me at the GE Monogram Design Center in New York!


  1. I have almost that exact same pic -- Paula proudly showed it off when we visited last week. and it is great to see GE respond to more consciousness about scale. I expect too we'll hear tons on it when we visit GE Monogram in Kentucky next week. ;~)

  2. That icebox set-up is at the top of my kitchen remodel wishlist!

  3. The only convertible you'd be impressed with? Fine...I'll return that BMW M3 Vert I bought you for your birthday...

  4. Raina- It's quite the set-up!

    Jerod- Uhmm... Yeah I'll take the M3.;-)

  5. I just discovered your blog - really like it :)


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