Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary iPhone

Last week the iPhone turned 4. Seems hard to believe... this Blackberry user is fully entrenched in the iPhone posse now.

To celebrate the occasion, I'd like to share some of my favorite apps for my iPhone that get used on a VERY regular basis.

1. Twitterrific (shown) - If you follow me on Twitter(which you should), you'll notice that I use two main platforms for tweeting, Hootsuite and Twitterrific. Twitterrific on iPhone is the easiest medium for twitter that I've found and allows you to do lots of looking around with completely eating up all your API.

2. StumbleUpon - Occasionally I find myself in a spot where I need something to do(while ignoring real stuff like emails). There is no better app for killing that 20 minutes while your oil is being changed.

3. Pandora - Best radio app. And yes, I've used up my 40 hours per month on multiple occasions.

4. houzz - Talk about the never ending stream of good interiors(can also throw pinterest, Cool Hunting and DA #4 in there, too).

5. AllRecipes and epicurious - I enjoy cooking. No need for the thousands of recipe books that are contained in two simple apps.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of how I use my iPhone- not to mention that it gets 4 email accounts and enough text messages to make a tween girl go bonkers.

If you're still on the fence about getting an iPhone, go ahead and jump off. It'll change your life.

*Disclaimer: I still "unplug" on a fairly regular basis. iPhones turn off just like any other phone.


  1. Nick, After a lock-out on my Blackberry, during a live #IntDesignerChat from NeoCon, and your post I am almost convinced to give into the force of nature that is the iPhone. Thanks for the app advice. I'm heading off to read your other posts on the Apple of your eye! - K.

  2. I was a hardcore crackberry addict and changing over to the iPhone too WAY less than I ever thought it would. Ditch the brick and get a phone that can run circles around any blackberry!

  3. Nick, you know I have a Blackberry, but I just added cool hunting to the Ipad. Great app and I already lost that 20min you were talking about. Thanks!

  4. I've only used hootsuite on my iPhone. I'll give twitterrific a shot!

    I love this phone and was a huge crackberry user back during my nextel days.

  5. RJM- Glad to share... ditch that Blackberry the minute you can!

    James- I've tried hootsuite on the phone(use is solely on laptop/ipad) but twitterrific has always been my go-to on the phone.

    Wow... Nextel. Those were the days!


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