Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Paper Moment - Casey Key House

Sunday mornings are one of my most favorite times. Perhaps the air seems cleaner, breeze blows cooler or coffee tastes better.

No matter, Sunday mornings are an emotion for me and when I see a space that just screams zen, all I can think of is how perfect it would be to sit and read my Sunday paper and take in the surroundings.

This TOTeMS designed guest house on the Sarasota Bay in Casey Key, Florida fits the bill perfectly.

Because the house is built in a coastal flood zone, it required an elevated design. The elevation provides for stunning views of the water and oak forest around it.

Inside, laminated pine beams mimic the wind blown trees outside. The small space(one bedroom, one bath and a kitchenette) is dominated my spectacular views on all sides. 

Pretty stunning, eh? Not sure that with a guest house like this that I could stomach living in the main house!

Did you find a spot to read your Sunday paper?

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  1. Awesome Guest House. Especially I loved the bedroom. It is too cool. Thanks for sharing such a nice design.

  2. Holy Cow! This guest house is just gorgeous! If I was one of the guests, I wouldn't wanna leave again. I bet the view over Sarasota Bay you have from this house is also awesome.

  3. The "guest house"? Wow. I could do some serious relaxing there. And I might never leave.

  4. Wonderful for the modern-day Hobbit!


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