Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sorpresa Collecton from Best - Cirrus Hood

Island hoods have long troubled kitchen designers. Certainly there are island hoods that look good in certain design situations, but never has there been on that could go in any space, virtually unnoticed and elegant at the same time.

Times have changed. 

This is the Cirrus Hood by Best. The recent launch of the Best Sorpresa Collection sent a shockwave of high design through the ventilation community and the Cirrus Hood is the star of the show.

Stately in any situation, the Cirrus hood will put a serious dent in the chimney style island hoods of kitchens gone by.

The Cirrus Hood is available in either an internal or external blower application and I was recently told by a manufacturers rep that you "wouldn't want to hold your cat too close to it," indicating that the CFM was quite robust and was actually more efficient than other models that had ventilation areas closer to the cooking space.

Only recently made available, I can't wait to see one in action!

What do you think? Better or worse?


  1. Well, hello Handsome! Would you like to come live in my kitchen?

  2. I feel the same way, Raina- think this will be GREAT for the design community.

  3. HAWT! As long as it doesn't sound like a freight train in my kitchen. My delicate ears and all...

  4. Hate to be a downer ... it may look extremely cool but it won't work. At least not well.

    There's no canopy to capture fumes, and even if there was it's too far off the cooking surface. The fumes will have dispersed by the time they reach the ceiling.

    And hands up anyone who wants to wipe the grease stains off the ceiling.

    So close ...

  5. Arne- I agree with most of what you're saying, BUT I do think that this hood will be good for those homeowners who use a kitchen hood much like they use bathroom ventilation(like I do).

    About the only time that I turn on the hood in my kitchen(and the kitchen gets used a lot) is when I'm cooking something smelly or burn something. With a powerful external blower, this hood should be sufficient to eliminate smoke/odors with relative ease.

    I don't think Best is confusing the Cirrus with a commercial vent, but it's got a to be as effective as some of the crummy hoods out there... and it's out of the way.

    Thanks for your opinion, as always! I love having smart kitchen folks to chime in on this stuff!

  6. I love the subtlety, but if you "wouldn't want to hold your cat too close to it" when it is working, does that mean that the cook's hair stands up on end like she is driving a convertible while the thing is running? That could be hilarious... but unhygienic.


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