Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Apron Sink Trends - Kohler

The iconic farmhouse or apron front sink has stood the test of time in the kitchen design world. Because of both its timeless design and ability to reinvent itself, the apron sink is here to stay in both traditional and more modern spaces. 

Of course, fire clay and cast iron are still the most popular types of apron front sinks. Because of the ability to manipulate the medium, designs of all shapes and colors are possible. 

Even stainless steel is a popular option, particularly in more modern applications.

Each of the pictured sinks are from the Kohler Apron Sink collection. 

Think of how an apron sink could change the way you use your water station at home. Besides moving the bowl forward, likely offering more depth and width, an apron sink can accommodate stock pots, pets and children for baths!


  1. My Hubs is in love with Madame Sunday's new sink.

  2. Raina - I'm in love with it too! It's the best decision I made in my kitchen! Except for choosing Nick of course. ; )

  3. Those pictures are absolutely STUNNING. Love the one with the mosaic encasing the sink!

  4. I am so hot for an apron sink. One day. As God as my witness. I will have my apron sink. *thrusts fist towards sky doing my best Scarlett O'Hara*

  5. Alycia- Glad I'm not the only one that gets "hot" for kitchen fixtures! ;-)

  6. Hello all,

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  7. I'm glad that you post this apron sink. I think it's just a faucet's sink but I discover that it can also accommodate stock pots, pets and children for baths. The popular stainless steel is the one I love the most.

  8. Hi all,

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