Friday, July 1, 2011

Making Cool Air Cool - Foliage Air Conditioner

During a recent Electrolux Design Lab, designer Rami Santala submitted the alternative to ugly, unsightly in room air conditioners. The stunning results makes one wonder why advancements haven't been made sooner.

Aptly named Foliage, this window sill air conditioner harnesses solar energy just as a plant would(through its "leaves") and powers a base unit that produces cool, clean air.

Inspired by average houseplants, the Foliage air conditioner requires no electricity. Talk about being green!

It's refreshing to see such a smart approach to interior air quality. I am curious to know just how effective the unit is- if Foliage works half as good as it looks, it's gonna be a cool summer!

Would you have one?


  1. Me too, Raina- I'd love to have one at work!

  2. Cool! Literally!

  3. Cool thing. I want the same yourself. Mini air conditioner :) How does it work? I think this is a good solution for the office cabinet. I often have problems with air conditioning. Guidance calls these guys They all quickly repaired, but distract me from my work. I think such a small ecological air conditioner will replace my big air conditioning. Thank you for sharing. Good luck.


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