Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Inspiration - Cement Factory Living

Some of the most stunning homes are not new mega-mansions that started out with a fancy ground-breaking on a newly prepared lot.

I love to see older buildings transformed from relics of a manufacturing past to stunning homes. This former cement factory fits the bill.

Ricardo Bofill spent two years transforming this cement factory in to a multi-function building that would house architectural offices, a model laboratory and an apartment for himself among other things.

Instead of removing all elements of the buildings previous life, the new occupants used the workmanlike elements as a backdrop for a new relaxing space.

Originally, the factory had over 30 silos... Could you imagine having a meeting under one?!

Or how about lunch? The exterior was transformed in to a stunning garden with outdoor living spots sprinkled through the industrial property. What do you think? Preserving history or kitschy design?


  1. Wow. LOVE it when an old building finds a new lease on life. The details and the elegance of something so not-elegant to being with are just breathtaking. Are the windows original?

    1. Agree completely, Alison! Not sure if the windows are original(they don't look so to me, at least).

  2. I like the outcomes of the renovation. The idea of transforming this cement factory into houses is indeed brilliant. The house looks perfectly stunning, elegant and luxurious. The owner really made something spectacular.

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  3. This is really nice. I would never thought of a cement factory would turn into a castle-like place with heavy concrete repairs. This is a brilliant project.


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