Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blogging is Fun: Some Posts Never Die

When I started writing this blog a couple of years ago, it was really just an extension of work and kind of an escape from the daily norms. I can get on the net and talk about fun stuff and wild decor. Honestly, I never expected that some of my posts would cause such a stir as a certain three have caused.

Last spring, I talked about a few trends that were train wrecks from the onset. The cool thing about having a blog is that my opinion is really the only one I can write about with any first-hand knowledge and I didn't do much other than upset bargain hunters and DIYers. The nice guy in me wants to feel bad about it... The smart design professional sleeps just fine at night.

Here are the posts. If you didn't see them the first time, go check them out. If you did read them at the initial posting and haven't been back in a while to check out the ROCKIN' comments, get ready.

Put down your coffee, by the way.

When Trends Attack! Granite Tile Counter Edition

This post is easily the most query(google, etc.) searched post that I've written. Every day, my analytics is overwhelmed by "granite tile" and "which granite tile is best for counters" searches. Based on some of the responses(mostly anonymous), I'm the only person EVER to say that granite floor tile should be used on the floor and not on the counter. Still sticking to my guns over here... it's a trend that should have NEVER started.

Now that I've been accused of hating everything cute, why not rail on chalkboard paint?! I like chalkboard paint just fine... I just don't want chalk in my dinner.

Think it's not? Better look a bit closer.

Bet you didn't know that tons of folks are swiping pallets from behind grocery stores and other business to make headboards and baby beds and dining room tables, did you?

Pallets are nasty. When I wrote this post, I had no idea that I'd become the villain of pallet-crafters from all over. It happened. 

Fortunately, smarter minds prevailed and even Curbly picked up on the post and shared some of the scary facts about pallets and why they might need to be thought of as a good composting bin, and maybe less as a bed for a child. The gang at Curbly is still getting comments about it! Scoot over and read the awesome post at Curbly.

So there you have it! You never know when you throw something out in the the web what's going to happen. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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  1. Kitchen chalkboard? Sounds interesting. My niece would definitely love this idea. I'll keep visiting for more of your updates.


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