Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Trends Attack! Kitchen Chalkboard Edition

Trendy things tend to irritate me- things that are trendy just for trendiness sake usually do more harm than good. Even though this isn't a fashion blog and I'm the last to dole out tips on dressing well, it's like wearing cargo jean shorts and socks with sandals.

Some things we shouldn't have tried in the first place.

Chalkboard paint in the kitchen is one of those things. Need proof?

Perhaps this works if you happen to be forgetful about where you put your counter top appliances. Bet you can't guess what the "Word of the Day" is...

I can hear the homeowners discussion now... "If I draw a range on the back splash now, maybe one day we'll actually have one in the kitchen!"

I'm not really sure what to say to this one... 

Credit where it's due, this one is cute. Well, cute except for the facts that you'll have footprints on your counter top and chalk dust all over your utensils.

Chalk dust no worry? Think again... the Academy of Allergy and Immunology says that chalk dust is an asthma trigger, particularly with younger children. 

Is this what you want covering everything in your kitchen?

The black/charcoal back splash is a good look and there is another alternative. While it may not be as budget-friendly and certainly not a weekend DIY project, the results are stunning and add value to the home.

This is Absolute Black Honed granite- honed granite is the same as any other granite, just stopped prior to the buffing stage in the finishing project. The matte finish is an excellent alternative to the high-gloss granite and offers a great dark alternative to chalkboard paint to achieve a similar look. Full back splash in stone is a stunning addition to a good kitchen plan. 

Plus, no need for erasers!


  1. Chalkboard paint in the kitchen. I seriously had a customer tell me that she want to paint he tall matching end panel in her new kitchen with it yesterday. She seems to think her kids will leave her notes on it as they get older as to their whereabouts, yeah right...


  2. The whole concept leaves me without words- thanks for the comment, Brenda!

  3. Hehehe. And what Brenda said? That her client thinks the kids will leave notes on it? Baaaahahahahaha! Chalkboards have always been a good concept - in theory. And in a smaller size. Much smaller. But I totally agree with you. And at least it'll be easy enough to fix. When they see the naughty pictures their precious little boys draw.

  4. My boys are "older" (14 & 16) and the concept of note-leaving has not even remotely entered their brains. And I don't want chalk dust on my AllClad and Viking stuff. I prefer to leave flour dust everywhere, including my clothes.

  5. Love the look of the black honed granite :-)

    I think chalkboards are kind of cool in the right application. If you have to stand on the kitchen counter to write on the chalkboard, that's NOT the right application!

    {A blog friend and I are thinking of doing a blog recipe exchange - interested?}

  6. I love the blackboard as the overlay panel on a Sub Zero BI36. Nothing says "class" like chalk dust

  7. Maybe this is just coming out because I'm a guy. I don't know anything right? It's the Y chromosome's fault, but it just looks sloppy to me. I know a house is 'lived in' and there will be kids' artwork on the fridge, perhaps tick marks on a doorframe, and scuffs here and there, but come on. This concept is just wrong. I don't like it. Not one bit. It's not clever, unique, or even trendy. It just looks unfinished to me. Am I in a European Hostel bar or your kitchen? Because right now, I'm not sure. Is that a hookah? Ok, I'm in a European Hostel bar.

    Nick, thanks for bringing this up.

    I liken it to families that have those silly stick-figure window decals. I don't care that you have 4 kids, 2 dogs and a fish. Just move over to the right lane so that I can pass you. Hopefully, I didn't offend anyone just now.

    And scene. My rant is over. Happy Friday to all.

  8. Wanda- See, I didn't even think about drawing naughty pictures on them!

    Alexandra- At least flour is for eating... chalk not so much.

    Kelly- "Right application" is 100% key. I don't hate chalkboards(well, not completely). ;-) And of course, you know I'll do anything to have an excuse to cook something.

    Arne- Couldn't have been better said, my friend.

    Jamey- Oh wow, thanks for ranting! And really, you'll find out if you offended someone once you get some ugly comments on your blog. I'm to the point of not apologizing. Bad taste is just that, bad.

    GREAT comments everyone!

  9. I painted a whole wall of my kids playroom with chalkboard paint. The more a chalkboard is used, the more erasing and chalk dust is created! I was glad when they grew tired of it because it was a huge mess. I would NEVER put it in a kitchen. Who wants chalk dust in their food?

  10. Chalkboard wall(s) and teenage boys do not mix...I have seen some half erased naughty pictures and captions :(


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