Thursday, January 13, 2011

#ShowerWeek - SilverTag System

Perhaps the most expensive of all shower systems, the SilverTag will set you back a cool $100K. See what you get for the price tag...

There's really no way to describe the computerized shower system without just directly quoting what it can do. According to TagSignature, the SilverTag shower offers a spa-shower experience with an 18-shower head, 6 zone water event.

Potential Experiences per TagSignature:

"a) Relax: Soothing, hydro experience designed to address symptoms of stress
Enjoy a gentle pressure of warm water that gradually builds, moving up and down your entire
body "washing” your cares away.  This full body water massage provides deep relaxation to
naturally counter the effects of daily stress.

b) Relief: Target muscle tension with healing water
Hot water and focused pressure unite to penetrate relief deeply into muscle tissue alleviating
tension and stiffness.  The neck, shoulders, and back, famous for holding the greatest muscle
tension, are specifically targeted.

c) Tonic: Invigorating traditional hydrotherapy
With water fully enveloping you from all the shower heads, the temperature rises gradually from
warm to hot.  Suddenly, the hot water plunges to refreshing cool temperatures.  As the waters
become warm again you will experience a traditional spa sequence of simultaneous hot and cold
water, providing the ultimate invigorating hydrotherapy.

d) Shape: Anti cellulite hydrotherapy
Combat cellulite with a hydrotherapy massage and thermal stimulation.  Targeted hydrotherapy
sequences aimed at the thighs, buttocks, and stomach, are designed to increase circulation and
enhance cellulite reduction as part of a complete anti-cellulite program.

e) Custom Sequences: Developed on an individual basis
If a specific sequence is desired, TAG Signature will work with you to develop a sequence or
sequences of your liking or needs. We will also include a custom daily wash and shampoo

While it sounds and looks great, the SilverTag system is probably not for the eco-friendly- TagSignature says up front that a 5 minute sequence requires 230 gallons of water. Yikes. (A low-flow shower head uses approximately 2.5 gallons per minute)


  1. I love this, but I am so short, uh, I mean vertically challenged, I would drown!

  2. Does that fit into framed structure?

  3. I was reading from Cellulean reviews and they also mentioned this technique, will this really work with cellulite?

  4. We just did this for a customer last week, they are awesome!


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