Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#ShowerWeek - Gemy Sanitary Ware

As Shower Week rolls on, there was no way that the Gemy Massage Tub/Shower could be left out.

Perfect for those who don't want to get rid of the tub/shower combo, the Gemy unit provides bathers with high-powered massage jets, thermostat controlled water and even a self-cleaning feature. The larger of the two boasts two headrests... leaving you the space to invite a friend!

If you aren't entertained by the massage, there's always the 15" LCD television screen and FM radio system to pass the time while tidying oneself. 


  1. I want one of these, think they would give me one to test? Hehehe...I would write fantastic reviews for them.

  2. Hmmm....wonder if I could swing that instead of the claw foot? Love that!

  3. Brenda- If they give you one to test, I better get one, too!

    Amy- I think you could! ;-)


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